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wholesale appliancesWhat is Wholesale

At Gorman Distributing Co., we sell wholesale kitchen appliances, washers, and dryers. By purchasing wholesale, you can save money on new appliances while also bringing home top of the line products. While many people think wholesale means cheaper and poorer quality, this is not true, especially here at Gorman Distributing Co.

When people say they sell wholesale appliances, they usually mean they sell products in bulk at wholesale prices, typically to retailers. Retailers then turn it around and sell it to consumers, usually at higher prices than what they bought it for from the wholesaler. What makes us different than the average wholesaler is instead of selling our products to retailers, we sell them directly to the consumer, which means you get new appliances at affordable prices.

How The Supply Chain Works

In a typical supply chain, products begin as raw materials that are purchased by a manufacturer. The manufacturer then manufactures new products from these materials, like washers or refrigerators, before selling them to a distributor. A distributor will buy these products before selling them to wholesalers, who serve as an intermediary between a distributor and a retailer. Typically, this part of the chain is created in a way where companies are able to find the quickest, most affordable routes to get the products into stores and restaurants. Wholesalers will buy the products in bulk at higher prices before selling them to retailers. The end of the chain, like we mentioned above, is the consumer.

Wholesale vs. Retail

When a retailer sells the products, they typically hike up the prices so they can make a profit. Because of this, consumers end up paying a lot more for the product than what is needed to cover the materials, distribution, and other incurred costs. This means if you buy through a retailer, you’ll end up paying high prices, but if you buy from a wholesaler, you’ll save a lot of money on new appliances. This is where we come in. Rather than selling our appliances to retailers and other businesses, we sell directly to the consumer – you. This way, you save money and walk away with new, up to date appliances.

Wholesale Appliances

We sell a variety of appliances, including dishwashers, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers and washers and dryers from multiple, high-end brands. We buy in bulk and sell in bulk at affordable prices. So the next time you need a new appliance, we’re the place to go.

Discount Appliances

The beauty of selling wholesale appliances directly to consumers is that we don’t have to hike up the prices to make up for incurred costs of buying from wholesalers, making this is a win-win situation for the both of us. With us, you can’t go wrong!

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If you’re in the market for new appliances, but don’t want to spend too much money on a new fridge or dishwasher, look no further than Gorman Distributing Co.! We sell a variety of appliances from name brand distributors. Why wait for your old worn-out appliances to break down on you, call today!