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Understanding Warranties for Your Home Appliances

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Let’s face it, your home appliances —whether it be your stove, microwave, washing machine, or dryer—are machines, which means they have moving parts, which means malfunction is always a possibility, especially after prolonged use and normal wear and tear. We depend on these everyday items to get through the day and having one act up is just as bad as the days when our cars refuse to start.  Appliances can come with different kinds of warranty protections. Let’s take a look at some of these, what they mean to you as a consumer, and how they might affect your investment.

Home Warranty

A home warranty functions in a similar way as any other kind of insurance. It is a service contract that you sign, typically for a year. Policies and coverage will vary depending on the amount of coverage and the items that will be protected. If a covered appliance breaks down, your home warranty will kick in and you can call a technician in to fix the problem. The home warranty servicer will usually choose a service provider to help. The technician will then come to your home, assess the problem, and fix it based on your coverage. You might have to pay a service fee of $50 or $100 dollars but the warranty should cover the rest.  

A store warranty comes from the store in which you purchase the appliance. If you choose to purchase your appliance through a retailer or distributor, the facility might provide you with some protections for that appliance. Gorman Distributing, for example, provides coverage for the appliances we sell and we guarantee rapid and quality servicing with our qualified techs.

The manufacturer warranty is a protection offered by the manufacturing company itself. So if you have a washer from Whirlpool, then the company will provide a one year or two year warranty for the product. After these expire, you might choose to purchase an extended warranty from the manufacturer.

Why Does it Matter?

Warranties matter because a universal law of nature seems to be that nothing lasts forever. Not your house. Not you. Not your dog. And certainly not a machine that is used daily in your home.  Even the most trusted brands will run into hiccups often caused by overuse, improper use, neglect, mechanical failure, etc. Also, things to note are: 1. A malfunction never happens at a convenient time and 2. Causes inconvenience and chaos and 3. Can be expensive to fix without coverage. Having your fridge break down might just mean a nightmare for the many groceries you just purchased or having your washer break might make it difficult to get your clothes ready for work and school. Imagine your stove malfunctioning in your restaurant during the lunch rush. No bueno!

Gorman Distributing Offers Quality Appliance Repair
Here at Gorman, we have experienced techs familiar with any and every major brand you can think of. Protect your investment with a warranty that provides you security and value. We offer a lot of warranty repair service, so if you purchased an appliance from us we have a team ready to help when you need.

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