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The Latest on the Wonderful World of Dishwashers


A family of four has a great ability to pile up dishes faster than you can say shazam. A dishwasher can be a great way to keep your kitchen tidy, avoid the hassle of dishwashing, and ensure that you are conserving water and getting the grime off those dishes in the most effective and efficient way possible. And just like every other home appliance, the dishwasher has also been graced by technology and every day improving the work of dishwashing.

There are really two major avenues to pursue with your dishwasher purchase. You can buy one that carries a lot more features and is far more efficient or you can go the simpler rout and opt out of the fancy features and go with the basic.

Quieter Machines and Better Fitted

The appliance industry is always evolving, as it has to constantly address consumer’s concerns and questions. We all might remember the early dishwashers (and some today) that sound like there’s a parade in our very kitchen. One consumer concern has always been what dishwashers are the quietest?  Today’s dishwashers are quieter than ever before and there are some that certainly lead the way. Bosch has done a great job in leading the way in the quiet field, though every major brand has taken great strides here. At the same time, the way they now fit into this kitchen means that your dishwasher doesn’t look like a bulky spaceship stuffed near the sink. The sleek and minimal look of many of today’s appliances helps them fit in with the futuristic style.

Another major question consumers have asked regarding dishwashers include the concept of drying dishes. Many older models contained a heating element at the base of the unit that turned on like an oven. This was a cause for a lot of energy use and why it is no longer a preferred method to use. As energy standards are tightened by the federal government, most manufacturers now use a condensation drying system.

Other Improvements to Dishwashing

Pre-rinsing your dishes before they went into the dishwasher is largely a thing of the past. Today’s washers work smarter and more efficiently. Dishwashers with the Energy Star stamp can save up to 5,000 gallons of water per year. This is a significant change in the amount of utilities that are taxed by dishwashing activities. An Energy Star certified appliance will also be a lot more efficient in its use of electricity, which means your utility bills go down. Today’s machines can also accommodate your pots and pans. The machines of yesteryear were often weary on those more greasy dishes and were not up to the task. Contemporary appliances can now handle these tougher jobs. If you’re looking for a new dishwasher from a trusted and reputable brand, give Gorman a call and we’ll deliver.

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