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wholesale kitchen appliancesWholesale Kitchen Appliances in El Paso

Gorman Distributing Co. in El Paso sells wholesale kitchen appliances, including everything from refrigerators to microwave ovens. No kitchen is complete without proper appliances and when one is on the fritz, we know it can be hard to complete daily activities. How do you cook? How do you store your food? When one thing isn’t working, it can cause a domino effect for your entire day. That is why we sell affordable appliances, so you can get quality appliances without breaking your budget. We also provide maintenance and repairs for all of our products, regardless of whether they have a warranty or not. We have a variety for you to choose from, making us a one-stop-shop for affordable kitchen appliances and more!

Stoves and Ovens

Since we can’t eat out every night (although we wish we could), stoves and ovens are both essential for any kitchen. We have both electric and gas stoves, ventilated hoods, and a variety of styles and colors to match with your kitchen’s aesthetic. We carry General Electric, Frigidaire, and Hotpoint brands.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Just like stoves and ovens, no kitchen is complete without a refrigerator or freezer. Our dual refrigerator and freezer appliances are a hit for families throughout El Paso, and we have various styles and functionalities to accommodate your specific needs. We have top-freezer refrigerators, where the freezer is above the fridge, and models that have both side by side. We also sell chest freezers, so if you need to store more food than what can fit in the freezer in your kitchen, you have extra space. We have many models for you to choose from.


Over the years, microwave ovens have become a staple in kitchens everywhere. With TV dinners, popcorn, and a vegetable option, microwaves make cooking meals and heating snacks easy and we sell a variety for you to choose from!


The fact of the matter is, everyone likes to eat, but no one likes to do the dishes after. Yet, many homes don’t have a properly working dishwasher, probably because dishwashers can be rather pricey but aren’t always a necessity. We sell affordable, high-quality dishwashers, so you can spend less time washing dishes and more time living your life and spending time with your family.

Quality Appliances in El Paso

Like we said, you can’t have a complete kitchen without appliances. Our wholesale kitchen appliances are durable, high-quality, and made by some of the best brands in the world. If you are in need of new kitchen appliances, call Gorman Distributing Co. today! We offer warranties and our factory trained technicians will service your appliances regardless of whether they have a warranty.