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Home Appliances: Washer and Dryer Maintenance 101

the controls of a washer, one of the most essential home appliances we useOur home appliances make living in our homes easy. Whether you rely on your dishwasher to do your dirty work after a long day at work, or rely on your dryer to give your wrinkled shirts a quick smooth out before the day begins, home appliances make our lives much, much easier. We don’t often think of the work they do, yet they are constantly in use. Think about it- how often do you do laundry? Wash your dishes in a dishwasher? Dry your clothes in a dryer? Heat something up in a jiffy with our handy dandy microwave? We have become so used to using our appliances, we sometimes forget that a little maintenance can go a long way. Regular maintenance and cleaning can extend the life of any home appliance. When something ends up going wrong, we forget that sometimes it can be much more cost effective to simply repair them instead of replacing them. That being said, every home appliance does have a lifespan and when that expires, knowing where to replace them without breaking our budget can be a huge relief.

History of Washers and Dryers

When it comes to keeping our clothes, sheets, blankets, and other cloth items clean, we have always been inventive. If we go all the way back to the mid 1800s, we find that people were already looking for ways to make it easier. Hand cranked washing drums were the beginning, and in 1911, it quickly advanced to electric wringer style washing machines. As the years went on, we found more ways to make laundry ever more convenient. Dryers came along came along in the 1800s also, but really picked up steam with the automatic system in 1938. Today’s dryers are designed to be energy efficient as well, and most run on either gas or electricity. Dryers are pretty simple, usually just requiring you to remember to empty the lint tray. If your dryer runs on gas, cleaning out the dryer line is necessary to avoid fire hazards, and allow your dryer to work more efficiently.

Options for Laundry Convenience

Today, we have all sorts of options when it comes to washers- from front loading to big energy efficient monsters that can wash your comforters with ease. The more convenient these machines are, the more we have to consider how much we want to invest in keeping them operating at optimal levels. Most washing machines nowadays usually require a monthly cleaning, and the occasional re-calibration in order to keep the tub spinning the way it should. They also come with warranties that you should ALWAYS take advantage of. Whether it’s the store offering it or the manufacturer, it’s always wise to invest in a worst case scenario. That way, if they ever do need repairs, you can be sure to get the right kind of service for your machine.

Trust Our Experts When You Need Help With Home Appliances

At Gorman Distributing Co., our technicians are well versed in the maintenance and repair of all the brands we offer. We want to ensure that your appliances always get the best service possible in order to extend their life. When you finally need to replace them, you can be sure you got the most use out of your investment. Find the help you need with us today! 

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