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From Ice Box to Smart Fridge: 100 Years of Frigidaire Quality

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From the first home refrigerator to the evolving smart refrigerator with digital technology, Frigidaire has just celebrated their 100 years of unbridled innovation and quality in the industry. If you are not aware, Frigidaire has been at the forefront of many of the daily comforts we take for granted today. They were, in fact, pioneers in the home refrigerator technology when in 1918 were the first to mass produce the home refrigeration system.

The Early Refrigerators

The beginnings of the refrigerator units were started in 1916 by two fellows named Alfred Mellowes and Nathaniel B. Wales. Early models of the invention included a model that was mounted on top of an ice box. The idea was then expanded to what became to be the first Kelvinator, which consisted of a self-contained refrigerator with a compressor.

The Frigid Origins

In fact, it’s quite possible that the slang term “fridge” also comes from the name Frigidaire. The company was first founded as Guardian Refrigerator Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Frigidaire was founded when a powerful investor and founder of General Motors, William C. Durant, personally invested in the company. In 1919, the company was named Frigidaire. The company was owned by General Motors for several decades until it was bought by White Sewing Machine Company in 1979. Some of the company’s innovations came in the form of the first home refrigerator, a home food freezer, and the room air conditioner.

Freon was introduced in the 1920s and really expanded the refrigerator industry, making things much easier and convenient for the common homeowner. It also provided a low toxicity alternative to previously used refrigerants. The 1950s and 60s saw the further invention of defrosting and automatic ice makers. In the following decades, more efficient refrigerators were developed. Freon would eventually be banned and would be stopped from being used on refrigerators.

Where We Are Today

Throughout the decades, the home appliance has gone through several advancements and changes. Options of size, room, and design expanded. Today, Frigidaire is celebrating their 100 years in business by helping with the industry’s introduction of smart refrigerators.

What is a Smart Refrigerator?

The use of smart technology is being used today in a variety of industries including HVAC, mobile phone, vehicles, etc. These top-of-the-line refrigerators include re-organizable shelves and storage, a high energy star rating for energy efficiency, cool zone drawers and crisper drawers. Some of the features that come with a smart refrigerator include a touchscreen interface on the door so that you can interact with your fridge in an entirely new way. With this, you can use your voice to add items to your shopping list, sync calendars for families and events, and connect with control-lights, t-stats, and more.  

Expect Great Things With Frigidaire

In January of 2019, Frigidaire celebrates 100 years of great refrigeration technology and innovation. As an appliance distributor, Gorman proudly carries Frigidaire products as a reliable brand that shows great workmanship, reliability, and consistency with their products. Plus, you can’t beat our prices. So if you’re looking for a reliable fridge for your home or business, give us a call and we’ll deliver!

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