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Common Home Appliance Repairs

repair man evaluating a washer that needs appliance repairAt some point or another, we have all had it happen. The dryer won’t dry, or the dishwasher won’t fill. Or the oven won’t heat, or the refrigerator is making a funny sound. Home appliances have a lifespan and won’t last forever. However, when they stop working after only a couple of years, many people assume they have to replace them and don’t stop to consider another, cheaper option. Many times, a simple appliance repair can have your unit up and running quickly, sometimes even better than it was. Home appliances are not cheap, so having repair options can help you save a lot of money instead of running to buy a new refrigerator just because your current one is having problems. Granted, sometimes a home appliance can have a big problem that can’t be fixed, or the repair would cost more than a new one. In those cases, replacement is probably a better option. But for the most part, a good appliance repair tech, like those you can find at Gorman Distributing Co., can evaluate your home appliance and advise the best course of action.

Common Home Appliance Problems

We don’t often think about how many home appliances we actually have. From your home’s HVAC unit to your refrigerator and washer, there are a lot more than you think. Even your microwave is considered a home appliance, especially if it is a built in unit. Replacing something like a microwave may not seem like a big expense, but imagine replacing your stove or washer on short notice. It can get pretty expensive, especially if your unit is only a couple of years old. So what are some common appliance repairs that are easier than replacing your unit?

Refrigerator Woes

Your refrigerator works hard every day. It literally never takes a break- it is constantly on, cooling and freezing your food, day in, day out. The usual lifespan for this appliance is about 15 years. However, on average many refrigerators usually need repairs after about 5 years. Common problems that need to be addressed by a professional are broken defrost thermostats, a faulty ice maker module, and damaged electronic boards.

Stoves and Oven Issues

After the refrigerator, your stove is the second most expensive appliance in your kitchen. These also have an average lifespan of about 15 years. Depending on the type of stove you have, it could be a number of issues. Three of the most common problems that are typically seen are:

  • Electric coils aren’t heating up
  • Electric stove can’t regulate the coil heat
  • Gas stove igniter doesn’t work

Washer Problems

Washers have made life so much easier. Not only that, but they keep getting fancier, with more and more tech that can also make it more complicated. Not to mention they all of a sudden have more tiny parts that can go wrong. What a trade off, huh? If your washer is acting up, it could be one of the following:

  • The water pump is malfunctioning
  • The lid switch is damaged and needs repair
  • Your washer needs to be leveled

Find Reliable Appliance Repair at Gorman Distributing Co.

While some of these repairs may seem simple, you have to remember that your home appliances are sensitive machines that are best left to the professionals. If you risk a DIY repair, you may end up making things worse and end up actually having to replace your appliance instead of paying a lot less money for a simple repair. At Gorman Distributing Co., our technicians have experience repairing appliances of all kinds. You can trust that our professionals can evaluate problems and honestly tell you if it can be repaired. If you end up having to replace your appliance, we offer great appliances at wholesale prices that won’t break the bank. Call today!

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