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appliance repairAppliance Repair in El Paso

Even the newest and best appliances malfunction and break down from time to time. That being said, you never know when you’ll need an appliance repair. Getting them repaired can be both a pain and pricey. When you buy appliances from Gorman Distributing Co., we’ll help you take care of your appliances even after you take them home. We have trained and certified technicians who can help you repair and maintain all of your appliances. Because we have close relationships with the brands we buy from, we are able to gain specialized knowledge and skills that will help keep your appliances up and running for years to come.

Common Appliance Repairs

Every appliance has its own unique issues. These are some of the most common problems we deal with:

Refrigerators and Freezers – Some of the most common issues we see include clogged defrost drains, broken ice molds, deep frost issues, and issues from leaving the refrigerator door open. These problems can halt many daily activities and can even cause your food to spoil. If you bought your refrigerator from us, we can help you repair it in no time.

Dishwashers – Out of all the appliances in your kitchen, the dishwasher is what breaks down the most. Some frequent issues many people face with their dishwashers include their dishwashers not being able to fill or drain properly and dishwashers that refuse to turn on. More often than not, this is due to a jammed dishwasher float switch, which our technicians can fix!

Washers – Common washer problems include a broken door or lid switch, motor coupling–which happens when the washer can no longer spin–and leaks. Problems with your washer can be a huge inconvenience, which is why we’ll help you get it fixed as soon as possible.

Dryers – A lot of the time, the most common issue with your dryer involves the dryer’s coils, which help heat the air in the dryer during a drying cycle. Oftentimes, they break or wear down and need to be replaced altogether. Other common issues include broken thermal fuses and door switches.

Stoves and Ovens – A common problem many face with electric stoves and ovens is not being able to adjust the appliance’s heat and temperature, which is usually caused by either a damaged coil or a major electrical issue. To determine what is causing it, it’s important to note if the problem is with every burner or just one. If every burner is affected, it’s probably an electrical issue, and if it’s just one, it’s most likely a problem with that burner’s coil. For gas stoves, the biggest issue is usually the stove not being able to light.

Appliance Replacement Parts

The majority of the appliance repair we do usually call for new parts. If your dryer has damaged coils or you need a new ice maker mold, we can help! We have quality, brand name parts that we can use to replace damaged parts in your appliances. This way, you don’t have to replace the entire appliance every time it breaks down.

Shopping with Gorman Distributing Co.

When you buy appliances from us, not only do you get quality appliances for your home and kitchen, you also gain a reliable staff who can help you when they break down. Call us today!