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Appliance Repair is the Way to Go

Specialist in uniform with tools explaining appliance repair to a housewifeWhen the stove or washing machine break down most people go through the phases of grief quite instantly. Appliance breakdowns can feel like losing a dear loved. Dirty dishes and clothes and warm meals all suffer the loss. However, appliance repair is a very viable option. Many don’t realize how affordable and helpful repairs can be. In most cases there is no need to mourn a loss just yet. At Gorman’s Distributing Co. we offer both repair and replacement parts services.

Parts Replacement

What most people don’t realize is that when it comes to appliance breakdowns, it usually isn’t the whole piece of equipment that is broken. In most cases, a part within the washer or fridge needs replacing. An appliance repair can actually make the machine last for several years to come. Changing coils or a freezer mold are common fixes. Washers and dryers also have several parts that can be replaced to preserve appliance longevity.

Common Appliance Issues

One of the most common problems we see is the freezer getting iced over. This can happen when calcification clogs the defrost drain. This may sound like a foreign language to most, but it is an easy fix. The broken ice-maker mold is another common problem. Clearing clogged dryer ducts and replacing broken dryer coils are other common appliance repair. Issues with washer and dryer doors can cause need for repair as well. Sometimes the dryer may also lose its heat.

Save the Expense

A great benefit of parts replacement is saving a great deal of money. Instead of replacing the appliance you can get it fixed for a fraction of the cost. The great thing about turning to Gorman’s Distributing Co. is that we find parts at a better price. Our repair team can fix your appliance and save you money. Not only that, when you buy select appliances from our wholesale center you often get a warranty. If your appliance breaks down within the warranty period you can get it fixed for free.

Contact Us Today

If you have a broken washer or fridge don’t throw it out just yet. There is a chance that one of our repair team members can bring it back to life. We also offer appliance parts for those lucky households with a handyman present. Whether you need a new part or an appliance repair be sure to give Gorman’s Distributing Co. a call.

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