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The Advantages of Purchasing Your Appliances from a Wholesale Distributor

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Consider how much of your home’s energy and utilities are consumed by the appliances you use on a daily basis. Think about how imperative appliances are to your business, restaurant, etc. So whether it is the electricity used by your microwaves, the water used by your washer, the heat drying your clothes, these daily machines make up necessary activities of day-to-day life. As unromantic as washing your kid’s dirty socks may be, it has to be done. We know you can drive over to an appliance store and spend high-end retail prices for these necessary items, but why do that when it is possible to get name brands at a discounted price? As a wholesale distributor of home appliances, Gorman sells brand name appliances at a discounted price to businesses and private consumers. There are several advantages to purchasing your next appliance with El Paso’s leading distributor.

#1 Same quality discounted prices

As a wholesale distributor, we become the main point of contact for the manufacturer. This means there is no middleman and thus we get discounted prices. We work closely with manufacturers to learn about new developments and changes to their products.

#2 Quality brands

A wholesale distributor looking to sell to small, mid-size, and large businesses, will work with the best brands in the industry. For us, this includes General Electric, Frigidaire, and Hotpoint. These well-renowned brands give you added security and confidence in your purchase.

#3 Free Delivery

We offer free delivery to anywhere in the El Paso and Las Cruces region. This way, you don’t have to worry about transporting heavy appliances.

#4 Trained Technicians

Because we work closely with manufacturers and handle their appliances on a daily basis, all of our team members are technicians trained in the different appliances with which they work.

#5 Servicing

Due to the extensive training and familiarity with all appliances, our techs are able to help you with servicing and repairs in house. This means you don’t have to go searching for a repair person. You have one right where you bought it. And we’re here to help!

Chose Gorman Distributing

Whether you are an individual consumer or a business owner looking for high-quality appliances, your best bet is going with a distributor that has close ties to the manufacturer itself. At Gorman, we have worked with America’s most trusted and most reputable brands in home appliances. As a company that’s been in business for more than fifty years, we have worked with these companies for a long time.

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