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4 Tips for Maintaining Your Home Appliances

home appliances with a fridge, stove, washing machine, etc.

Get the most out of your home appliances is important. Most homeowners strive to make their fridge, stoves, and dishwashers last as long as possible. Regular maintenance and proper care are imperative to longevity. We have a few tips to help keep your appliances fresh and well maintained.

Clean Your Fridge’s Rubber Gasket

Many homeowners strive to keep their fridge and other home appliances clean by throwing out leftovers and scrubbing the interior on a regular basis. However, this isn’t the only way to keep your fridge clean and smelling fresh. The fridge rubber gasket is an often overlooked area that also needs constant cleaning. This will help keep the fridge doors sealed tight and your food kept fresher longer. The gaskets in your dishwasher can use some constant cleaning as well.

Change Your Washing Machine Hoses

Changing out your washing machine hoses is another great way to extend the lifespan of this home appliance. It is a wise idea to inspect the hoses on a regular basis. Be sure to look out for deformities, bends, and cracks. This will help prevent floods and leaks from occurring.

Scrub Your Dryer Lint Filter

Cleaning the dryer lint filter is a necessary step that most just don’t take. It is a great idea to take the lint filter out of the machine and scrub it in the sink. This will remove grime and buildup and help your filter to function more thoroughly. It will prevent lint from building up in hard to reach places inside of the dryer. In the long run, conducting this task at least once or twice a month will keep your dryer going strong for a bit longer.

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Fresh

The garbage disposal in much neglected appliance in the kitchen. People tend to take notice of it only when it breaks down or when it begins to smell horribly. The great thing about garbage disposals is they are easy to maintain as long as you stay on top of it. We recommend freezing lemon slices inside of ice cubes. Once a twice a week you can throw an ice cube or two down into the disposal. This will keep the blades sharp from grinding the ice and the lemon will neutralize bad scents. The acidity will help with germs as well. Pouring hot water and Clorox into the sink while running the disposal is another great way to keep the disposal fresh.

Call Gorman Distributing Co. For Help Maintaining Your Home Appliances

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