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table and chairs from Gorman Distribution
media center from Gorman Distribution

Distributing in El Paso

Why buy from Gorman?
"We sell to the public at wholesale prices, saving you money."
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We Carry a Full Line of Furniture, Appliances and Electronics.

There is only one place to look for your furniture, electronics and appliance needs in the El Paso area…and that is Gorman Distributing. Whether you are looking for a new couch for your home, a new television for the bedroom or a refrigerator or stove for the kitchen, we are sure you will find it here. Gorman Distributing is a furniture distributor and electronics and appliance wholesaler in El Paso, all balled up into one. And as a consumer in today’s market, we want you to ask yourself what else can you ask for?

And our inventory only carries the best and top of the line products. Some of the big names that you see in our inventory include: Ashley Furniture, Frigidaire, General Electric, Toshiba and Phillips. But we have saved the best for last.

We are a wholesale distributor that sells the public. We are not one of those companies that only sells to the brokers and other companies. And there are no strings attached either. So again, we want you to ask yourself, what else can you ask for?

On behalf of our staff here at Gorman Distributing we would like to thank you for considering us as a choice to buy any furniture, appliance and/or electronics for your home. We invite you to look at the rest of our website to find out more about us, the various services we offer and the products that we sell to the public here in the borderland.